Corporate Development

Due to its long tradition on the Moldovan market, EWP Consulting has relevant experience with the local regulatory authorities and a deep understanding oft he local markets. Combined with our broad network of partners across Moldova, we are in a unique position to drive our client’s corporate development programs in Moldova.

We provide a broad range of services, ranging from market analysis to connecting business partners, to make sure our clients’ business activities in Moldova are successful.

Market analysis

For international investors and corporations, Moldova offers a buoyant market with numerous opportunities along the entire value chain. EWP Consulting helps its clients to analyze the local procurement and distribution market and identify opportunities. Additionally we prepare macro-economic data, industry overviews and location profiles for potential investors.

Incorporation of a business

For the incorporation of businesses, EWP Consulting is an experienced partner in dealing with the local Moldavian authorities. We help our clients quickly and accurately incorporate their companies in Moldova. Along this process we take care of all legal, licensing and administrative duties(e.g. preparation of a bank account, recruiting of employees, search for office facilities).

Further we are able to provide temporary office space, employees and infrastructure to quickly launch business operations, without significant capital investments.


With our extensive management experience, we are well suited for taking responsibility to manage our clients’ local business activities temporarily. Whether our clients are just entering the Moldavian market, or have been active before but do not possess the necessary capacities or resources to actively pursue their objectives, EWP is a qualified partner to lead the local organization. Additionally we can provide administrative, corporate support and infrastructure to temporarily run our clients’ business

Developing partner networks

For companies looking to expand their footprint in Moldova by partnering with a strong and competent local partner, EWP Consulting supports in the search for appropriate contacts. Based on our client’s specifications, we identify potential sales representatives, customers, suppliers and investors. Our strong local network covering a broad range of industries and services is a key advantage in finding the best match for clients.